Effective Gestive Solution of School Routes

Schools and study centers regularly face the task of managing, organizing and planning school routes and all their contingencies. The effectiveness and agility of Traceus will reduce the problems to its minimum expression, maximizing the results and the ease of management.

+ than 350 public and private schools
+ than 2.500 routes in Spain
+ than 20.000 students use Traceus

Benefits for the Schools

Easy Management

Easy management of school routes assigning stops and students in a detailed and totally intuitive way

Dynamic changes

Agile and dynamic routes changes, even the parents of the students can make them through the mobile app

Real time

Real-time control of the routes of each bus


Law of knowledge

Law of knowledge Fulfillment of the future law of knowledge in real time with the control of the students that go in each moment in the school transport


Automatic notifications to parents and schools of possible delays on a route

Control of students

Control of students Real-time control of collections and deliveries

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How Traceus works for school

1 Configuration of the routes

Through its control panel, the school or transport company creates routes and stops

This operation will only be necessary the first time during the creation of the routes

2 Control of pickups and arrivals

The responsible person inside the bus intuitively manages the pick-ups and arrivals of the students

This information will be synchronized in real time and will be synchronized automatically in the management platform and in the parent tracking app